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Alison, Founder of A Smile In My Pocket

A Smile In My Pocket was founded by Alison, a cross-stitch enthusiast and stay-at-home mom who, after having several of her traditional cross-stitch patterns in the trade press, started receiving feedback from customers that they don't have the 60 or so hours required to stitch full-blown designs, but could find the time to put in six or eight hours, if the patterns were simple enough. With that, she did some research and designed her first primitive embroidery pattern. It was well received and, long story short, retailers in Utah, then the neighboring states, started clamoring for her design more patterns. So she formed a company, A Smile In My Pocket, aptly named — well, it's best told in Alison's own words:

"When my sons were young, if they ever seemed to be a little grumpy, I would ask them, 'Where's your smile?' And then I would say, 'Here, I have one in my pocket that's just your size!' I would put my hand in my pocket, pretend to pull something out, and then touch their lips. As if by magic, a smile would suddenly appear across their faces and they would burst into laughter. It seemed natural to use this special memory as the name for my needleart: A Smile In My Pocket."

And it all just flowed naturally from there, with all the heart, warmth and imagination. Now, after 10 years in the business, retailer carrying her patterns in their stores around the country, and A Smile In My Pocket is going online.

In Alison's words, "I hope A Smile In My Pocket can bring a little smile to your day as you stitch one of my sweet reminders for yourself or someone you love. Happy stitching!"

So browse the site, order the patterns that warm your heart, and enjoy!


Retailers welcome! Contact us to discover how you can feature A Smile In My Pocket patterns in your retail outlet.